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Leaders in the field of instrument calibrations.

With over 25 years Calibration and Instrumentation experience our laboratory is based in Cape Town South Africa and services both local as well as international clients in the offshore industry

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GHM Field Services cc has over 25 years instrumentation and calibration experience and is committed to a policy of Quality Assurance and will ensure that this is understood, implemented and maintained.

We are committed to provide you with superior on-site and in-house calibration and repair services for a wide range of testing, measuring and manufacturing equipment. Our consistent growth and expansive coverage is a testament for excellence in customer service. High accuracy master equipment, trained personnel, validated Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) & strict environmental conditions are maintained to ensure measurements with high accuracy.

Calibration Certificates issued by the Laboratory facilitates traceability to National or International standards.

Our goal is to continuously measure and improve the processes that contribute to our effectiveness, efficiency and productivity in order to deliver quality products and services at competitive prices.



Temperature is a physical quantity that expresses hot and cold. It is the manifestation of thermal energy, present in all matter, which is the source of the occurrence of heat, a flow of energy, when a body is in contact with another that is colder. Temperature is measured with a thermometer


Mass is a measure of the amount of matter in an object. ... Mass measures the quantity of matter regardless of both its location in the universe and the gravitational force applied to it. An object's mass is constant in all circumstances; contrast this with its weight, a force that depends on gravity.


Pressure, in the physical sciences, the perpendicular force per unit area, or the stress at a point within a confined fluid. ... In SI units, pressure is measured in pascals; one pascal equals one newton per square metre. Atmospheric pressure is close to 100,000 pascals.


Analytical, and the related verb analyze can both be traced back to the Greek verb, analyein — "to break up, to loosen." If you are analytical, you are good at taking a problem or task and breaking it down into smaller elements in order to solve the problem or complete the task


Electricity is the presence and flow of electric charge. Using electricity we can transfer energy in ways that allow us to do simple chores. Its best-known form is the flow of electrons through conductors such as copper wires. ... When electrical charges are not moving, electricity is called static electricity.


Dimensional analysis is the use of a set of units to establish the form of an equation, or more often, to check that the answer to a calculation is physically sensible. ... This would be read as "the dimensions of density are the dimension M divided by the dimension L cubed


Flow Flowing fluids are characterized by a quantity called the flow rate, which is defined as the volume of fluid flowing through an area each second. In a pipe or other enclosed region, the flow rate can be expressed in terms of the fluid speed and the cross-sectional area of the pipe.

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"Just saying a very big thank you for your prompt service. We realise that our request for assistance was last minute and that we probably created lots of pressure (sorry). However, we are very grateful indeed that your lab was willing to accommodate us on such short notice or we would otherwise not have been able to delivery to our clients on time."

Bettina Phoré

"Thank you again so much for all your help and for the outstanding service as always"

Juan Coetzer

"Thank you for your wonderful service."

Helena Janse van Rensburg

"Awesome Juan and team

Thank you for the speedy work and replies!

Nice to work with you all!"


"Thank you so much. Top-notch service."


"Chroni-Co has been using GHM Field Services to calibrate all our required scales, PH, EC meters and

data loggers in accordance with our local regulatory guidelines and have always been completely satisfied

with their performance. GHM Field Services always provide excellent service, support and pricing to

meet our requirements.

I am very happy to recommend GHM Field Services."

Seth Copans

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